Is Accra Ghana safe for Tourists/ Places of Accra(with photos)

Is Accra Ghana safe for tourists, this question is running because some of his lovers want to know is it safe for them or not. The simple and unique answer of this question is yes, there is no doubt about the safety of tourists in Accra Ghana because the government of Ghana planned some unique efforts for the visitors because they know the value of visitor’s safety.

Some years ago there were some rare cases in Ghana like bag snatching; road smoking and harassment on roads, but know these issues has resolved because of the government policies and know Ghana is fully safe for the tourists. Ghana is one of the most admired African Country which is packed with so many memorable places and people love to see these places each year.

Culture Africa
Culture of Africa

Africa is a big continent in the world with great culture and heritage and considered as the most visited continent during some periods of time. Some sectors of Africa like Ghana are the main travel destinations in Africa where people love to go and spend their local holidays and that’s the answer of is Accra Ghana safe for tourists. Africa is mostly famous for its beach life and culture but the main thing of Africa is its history. The history of Africa filled with so many memories that can inspire anyone and the whole history of African culture you can find just in one country called Ghana. Ghana is the centre of Africa and known as the most visited place in African countries. According to the ratio Ghana receives more visitors each than the previous year which is the answer to is Accra Ghana safe for tourists.

West Africa
West Africa

Ghana is literally packed with many beautiful attractions but everything in this world has something unique and the special thing of Ghana is that it has a splendid city which is known as Accra. Accra is the capital of Ghana and cause the popularity of Ghana. It has plenty of remarkable which can simply indulge anyone and it is one of the richest cities of Africa that’s why millions of people come to this place each year to answer that is Accra Ghana safe for tourists.


Architecture of Accra

Accra is located on the coast of western region Africa. It is considered the most inhabited city of Ghana with the population of almost 2 million people. Accra is one of the inspiring and economic African cities. The architecture of Accra is absolutely perfect with great heritage of African culture. You would find that there are figures of places on the world which have been regarded as underrated ones for the tourists to catch a visit, but Accra is the one which is exactly filled with various attractions for the visitors. In short, there are a set of monuments for the guests from all walks of life. You may run small of time, but there is no be short of to the amount of places of concentration in this beautiful city. Accra is a place where you can go to enjoy the natural beauty and to refresh your mind. It will alter and energize your mind rapidly and you adjust the answer of is Accra Ghana safe for tourists. There are many places in the world that are able to adjust your brain and Accra is one of the most important and beautiful city. All his attractions are completely delightful and ready to impress everyone. This city will amuse you all the time. You can suffer a great nightlife there because there are numerous special clubs in Accra. In fact, in short this city is absolutely for the visitors as it contains all the unique things. You can check the exact beauty and things which you can do and visit in Accra Ghana in this video…

Knowledge is a great weapon. Every person in this world has some interests. Someone will be interested in gaming, someone in business and someone in social entertainment. Similarly mostly people also have interest in travel and just in travel but travel to a best place. They have knowledge about their interest that where they should to complete their desires. There are many things that are compulsory to live in this world. These things are food, relatives, home and other major things of life. Just like that your brain also wants some things to effort correctly. And the best thing to change your mind is travel to a majestic place. You will forget all the worries when you will be in peace and one of the best ways to get peace is travel to beautiful place with your family or friends. Lots of people ask that is Accra Ghana safe for tourists because they know the cultural importance of this city and they want to spend some moments of their life here but they are conscious about the surety of this continent. So here I’m going to show through the culture and beauty of Accra that Accra Ghana is of course for the tourist. Here are some best places to visit in Accra if you want to enjoy your holidays here:

The National Museum

The National Museum is a most important tourist attraction in Accra. This museum is known as the huge crowd puller in Accra because visitors love its uniqueness. This museum gives tourists a view of the rich traditions and the past of Ghana. When you book tickets to Accra, this museum should not be missed so that you have superior understanding of their traditions and history. You can check this museum thoroughly from the official page of National Museum of Ghana. The National Museum is simply filled with the history and historical things of Ghana that show the amazing lifestyle of Ghana. From the top of this museum you can simply observe the beautiful scenery of the whole city which is really an amazing view. The architecture of this museum leads you to the past culture of Africa. Another great crowd puller in Accra the National Theater which is famous for its special and presented architecture. Instruments and pottery used in the past time by the citizens of Accra are also exhibited at the museum. You can also check most about this Museum from here.

National HIstory
National History
Embossed Rosewood

Labadi Beach

Everyone think that Africa is mostly known for its beaches, yes it is true. The beauty of Africa is incomplete without its beaches. Huge number of beaches you can find in Ghana but in Accra you will see the most admired beaches which will surely inspire you. As there are number of beautiful beaches but the most famous and remarkable beach in Accra is Labadi Beach, located on the outside of the city but the point is you can simply get beautiful hotels around this beach from where you can see the attraction. You can book hotels along Labadi Beach easily from Agoda and booking hotels. You can also track some of the best beaches in Accra from Kempinski and WantedinAfrica. Labadi Beach is simply described the culture of Ghana and that’s why recognize as the special place in Accra. You will feel amazing here because according to the record people love to stay there without care of their precious time. You can also check some famous beaches in Ghana here.

Ghana Beach
Ghana Beach
Beach sea People
Beach Sea People

Makola Market

One of the best and huge markets in Accra is the Makola Market where everything is available. Women can check here all merchants from boutique to shoes and jewellery to other luxury products. You can read thoroughly about this market from the wikipedia. This market covers very long space that you cannot visit it thoroughly in a single day. The whole market is decorated and people can use their whole day here without any laziness. You will see the cultural shopping streets of Ghana here which will inspire you surely. The outside road are specially decorated for the visitors and they are all safe for the journey so people shouldn’t be worried about is Accra Ghana safe for tourists or not.

Ghana Market
Shopping mall
Super Market

Batonical Gardens

Another main crowd puller place in Accra is the Batonical Gardens which is owned by the government of Ghana. These peaceful gardens are situated around 35 kilometers from Accra. Botanical Gardens cover an area of almost 64 hectares. People love to come here and spend their time because they feel peace here. You can also get more information about these gardens from the official page of Legon Botanical Gardens. The government of Ghana specially developed this place for the visitors to come here and observe the culture of Ghana and that’s why millions of people each year come to these gardens because they know the answer of is Accra Ghana safe for tourists.



Aww when come to the African food your mouth should be filled with water because Ghana is very foodie country with a lot of delicious recipes. Some of the local and spicy foods are major cuisines in Accra but fast food like burgers, sandwiches and pizzas are also a part of this busiest city. In Accra you will find lots of cheap restaurants where you can go and check the menu of this city. The main and famous restaurant of Accra is Haveli Restaurant which is literally show the customs of Accra that how people eat food together. You can also check some of the best restaurants in Accra from Movenpick.

Brick Wall
Ghana Restaurant

Katoka International Airport

There are many International airports in Ghana and Accra. Katoka International Airport is a big and well developed airport throughout which numerous passengers go to many other famous destinations every year. The amount of passengers receiving on board throughout this airport and is considered to be the greatest through any further airport of Ghana. You can get more information about this airport from the exact site of Ghana Airports Company Limited. This airport is owned by the government of Ghana and they planned it thoroughly for the visitors because they know that this the main source to receive visitors. Katoka Airport is well structured airport and mainly used both for the civil and military usage. Each year the ratio of the visitors increase and this airport welcome more visitors than the previous year because people have trust on that airport and on Ghana and that’s the exact prove of is Accra Ghana safe for tourists.


Here I try my best to clear your mind about is Accra Ghana safe for tourists. Trust me it would be great surprise for your family and best gift to your friends and if you want to check your flight details you can simply check from CheapFlights2Africa, Wego, Emirates, Nusatrip, Skyskanner, CheapFlights and Expedia. This city will surely fulfill all your expectations. If you want to know more about me, feel free to click here. You can also check some previous posts of mine on 10 smallest countries in Europe, is Harare Zimbabwe safe and Best places to visit in Iran and you will find everything about these places whatever you want to know.

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