Best Places to visit in Iran

Iran, a wonderful place, is a country with so great past and remarkable history and there are so many places to visit in Iran. The beauty of Iran is remarkable that there are very few countries in this world to match it. It is also known as ancient Persia. Iran is a very exciting nation in all spheres of life. Its evolution started thousands of years ago with strong empires that conquered half of the world. Some memories of those empires still attract the curious people from all parts of the earth.

Iran Golestan
Iran Golestan

Iran is a unique country where we can find the past and the present co-exist in a melodious unity. Historical sights of Iran are not just filled with the half-ruined buildings or holy mosques, minarets, and mausoleums. In fact, this state is a piece of living history, where nothing is forgotten or suspicious for his beauty. The enormous palaces of the kings of Persia, the clay fortress wall in Bam, the tomb of the biblical Prophet Daniel, paradisiacal gardens, prehistoric bazaars, and so many other things are symbols of Iran which are unbeatable at their level of beauty.

Iran is mentioned in many myths and stories often as the scene of incredible events. According to some scientists, they thought that the Iran’s earliest city of Tabriz was the place of the divine Eden garden. Another Iranian city of Shush which is located on the site of the earliest city of Susa had been the capital of one of the most superior civilizations in the planet. Unique castles, palaces, mausoleums, and tombs are all the symbols of present Iran, which are absolutely worth seeing with your own eyes.

Places to visit in Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran which is a real metropolis, active with the voices of millions of people. However, present solid structures have diminished the oriental flavor of the city. In Tehran, there are not so many tourist places. You can visit the National Museum , The Museum of Persian Carpets, Azadi Square with the monument to freedom, where you will the panoramic view of the city with your eyes. Golestan Palace is one of the best places to admire Arabic architecture. At the head office of the Central Bank,You can see a small museum of jewelry treasures at the head office of Central Bank and this previously owned by Persian shahs. Tehran is a wonderful city filled with many parks and beautiful lakes. There are so many places to visit in Iran with great tourist attractions and Tehran is one of them but the best type of amusement in Tehran is visiting the old bazaar, which is so big that it truly seems to be a separate town and you wouldn’t believe that it is one of the biggest bazaars in the world.

Iran Mosuqe Tehran
Iran mosque Tehran

What you must see in Iran

A big country in the Middle East, Iran is filled with a rich history and enormous amounts of unexplored, hidden Iran tourist attractions to show the tourists. One of the world’s oldest civilizations is from Iran, which today has developed to have turned out to be among the leaders in the world. It occupies a lofty level when it comes to international financial system and force security, since it has the major reserve of natural gas and petroleum. An exchange name by which Iran is referred to is ‘The place of kindness’, which reflects on the traits of the people existing in this state. You can also check everything about Iran through this video…

Iran Famous Places

The tourists will have to go far from Tehran to observe the treasure of Iran, the olden fortress city of Bam, enclosed by plantations of palm trees. There are some places to visit in Iran that the tourists should visit. Iran is packed with so many interesting places, but the small town of Bam can be called one of the wonders of the world. Bam was a major trading hub on the prominent Spice Road, which ran from China and Indo-China throughout Central Asia and Iran. The town is tiny and warm, but its royal monuments rule the landscape. They contain the Arg-e-Bam fort, the loose ends of the external rampart, the internal castle complex, and the tomb of the famed astronomer Mirza Naim and there so many beautiful places to visit in Iran.

Desert Iran
Desert Iran

Hamadan is one of the best places to visit in Iran and also the oldest city in the planet and the first center of ancient Persia. Today, it is the main commercial and industrial hub famed for its amusing summer climate, lots of attractive places and gorgeous gardens. In Hamadan, you will locate the mausoleum along with the museum of the philosopher and physician Avicenna, Hakmatana mount, the palace of Darius and also the Burj-e Qurban Tower. In the 16th century, the city of Esfahan was known as ‘half of the world.’ Even today this city is exclusive and matchless. Esfahan is the homeplace to a huge number of architectural and historical monuments and grand mosques. In this city you can find a tiny women’s mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah, the mosque of Imam Ali Kapu and one more thing his palace. Imam Mosque impresses with its splendor and richness of adornment. Shiraz is also a very beautiful city of Iran and is known as the most romantic city of Iran. The city of love, poetry, and blooming roses, it was exactly called ‘the principal of the poetry of Persia’. Literally any older city of Iran is a museum under the open sky. Once you enter it you will see the best tourist attractions and places to visit in Iran and your sense may be transmitted to the Middle Ages, and that is the actual Iran.

Esfahan The Mosque Iran
Esfahan The Mosque Iran

Iran is filled with long tourist attraction and it’s majestic history, full of different events these things motivates people from the rest of the world to come here and personally get familiar with this classical place. There are millions of people who go to Iran yearly for a journey. The royal Mil e Gonbad tower has been so wonderfully preserved, that one will not think that it was built almost 1000 years ago. The guests are taken on a tour of the whole building, and to the centre from where one can listen to echo from extremely any peak in the tower, making them surprise in wonder and then they think about the huge places to visit in Iran.

Some places to visit in Iran
Old Desert Iran

The Imam Square in Iran is kind of like the Central park of New York where all the actions in Iran take place. This is where citizens come mutually, to either expend an idle sunset, or to party a local fair. The place is always busy with activity and there are stores around the open area from where one can pick up jewelry and other beautiful things to take back home.

Like Imam Square there are so many places to visit in Iran and when a visitor drives down to the place, they will be amazed at the complete size of the desert and the monument which is called Choqa Zambil. It is one of the UNESCO’s globe heritage tourist attractions and potted by the Government. The ziggurat at the Choqa Zambil is proof that there are a lot of places to visit in Iran and tourist attractiosn of Iran are Unique.

Ancient Iran History

Why should you go to Iran?

Do not think surprised when talking about paying a visit to Iran. If you are warm of traveling, you should never ignore this beautiful place. Nearly all people who have seen the historical places in Iran will speak highly of this place.

Iran is a superb open-air museum which contains wonderful architectural compound, long and deep history and custom. All these are the proud epic in this stunning and attractive land. Here, you can locate glorious palaces, celebrated Tehran museum, bleak deserts, mysterious architecture, lovely Yazd and silent tower which symbolize the middle of Persia belief. Now I will list a number of reasons to clarify why a visit to Iran is valuable.

1. Friendly people

People of Iran are very kind and helpful especially to overseas people. This welcoming custom of Iran has a history of hundreds of years. They will also tell you about the best places to visit in Iran. Although there is just a small number of western visitors went there but they all enjoyed the kindness there.

2. Amazing History

Persia civilization is one of the mainly earliest civilizations in the planet. Historical signs are sprinkled all over here in Iran. You can locate deserted historical relics and many prayers all along the highway. Some spaces of Iran have been scheduled as world heritage by the UNESCO.

3. Nature

Iran is an extremely huge country with a variety of kinds of beautiful scenery. You can practice different kinds of views throughout one-hour fly. Here, there are huge deserts and forests as well as numerous kinds of exceptional animals together with Asian cheetah. In addition, Iran is also the main fruit region in Middle East.

4. Convenient Transport

In Iran, every quite large city has its own airport and the government subsidies for the airplane industry. Therefore, it is extremely suitable to go around Iran. Of course, there is also a diversity of railway and bus routes existing.

Iran Silk Road Orient
Iran Silk Road Orient

Top Travel Tips to Iran

Since Iran is a massive country with many potential sight-seeing spaces, you need to know about the places to visit in Iran that how much it is necessary for you to visit Iran famous tourist attractions. You must keep in mind the emotions of the local people and the good manners that are to be expected from you while visiting the most beautiful places in Iran.

•             Environment: The Iranians survive in a very strong environment. You should not be scared of catching any dangerous diseases here. The government observes huge caution in protection the life of its people from unsafe diseases. People are also awake of health care points for themselves.

•             Food: You can gain various Iran travel packages for your holiday and then you will see there are how many places to visit in Iran. These packages will consist of your foodstuff too. They will acquire you to the prominent restaurants where you can have the top dishes in Iran.

•             Travel: If you observe the Iran travel tips, you will never face any problem throughout your stay in Iran. While going from one location to another on your travel itinerary, you will go throughout tiny towns and villages. You will notice the customs and the heritage of the country throughout the eyes of the local people.

•             Dress: You will see that the Iranians are usually dressed to cover their whole body. This is as much a show of politeness and also to defend against the hot sun thrashing down on Iran. Men can be dressed in short-sleeved shirts, but it’s not recommended as you will undergo from sunburns. Therefore, it is sensible to wrap your arms like many Iranians do while traveling.

Prayer Islam Iran
Prayer Islam Iran

              •             Communication: Although there are phone booths in the region of the large cities where you can make family calls, you can buy chargeable sim cards to utilize your cell phones here. Tourists can brings their cell phones at the tourist attractions of Iran and utilize them if their service providers have made contracts with Iranian telecommunication association like lots of others. However, there are lots of internet cafes which will permit you to utilize the internet both inside and exterior hotels.

•             Tourism Season: The most excellent time to visit the best places in Iran is from March to May and yet again from September to November. You can also revive the polite atmosphere in the Persian Gulf islands during January and February. These are famed as the high seasons to see the historical places and most famous places to visit in Iran in Iran. In other months of the year, in some sectors, there will be very warm or very cold for those who aren’t well-known with such intense climate conditions.

Iran Atlas Mountains
Iran Atlas Mountains

•             Credit Cards: This is one of the extremely important Iran travel tips. There are not sufficient hotels or shops who can agree to credit cards due to the sanctions. It is always suitable to maintain cash handy while going around Iran. You can buy any memento using US Dollars, Euro or Iranian currency, Rials.

Iran is a stunning country and you will be happy to discover that there are so many places to visit in Iran. You will be happy to come here with your family and friends. Paying attention to the Iran travel tips will make your journey a more suitable one. I discover these unique things for you to tell you about the places to visit in Iran with much effort and if you want to know about me you can check here and if you are interested in Europe and You will be glad to see the 10 smallest countries in Europe, is Harare Zimbabwe safe and Is Accra Ghana safe for Tourists.

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