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People love to travel to Istanbul because Istanbul is a blessed city; blessed with rich culture, hallowed with a rich history, and sacred with true beauty. The beauty of Istanbul covers lots of memories and Historically, this city was known as Constantinople and Byzantium. This transcontinental city is one of the leading cities in Europe and the sixth-largest city proper. It is also counted as one of the most crowded cities in the globe with about 14 million people.

Architecture of Istanbul
Architecture of Istanbul

This urban city has the whole thing that brings it to the list of the most habitable cities on the entire planet. Turkey’s prime city showcases a large blend of customs and modernity which is the main reason people look for travel to Istanbul. The daily life, the nightlife, education, relaxation, kindness, medical services, shopping zones, and economy; the whole thing about this city is apt. People from across the earth are fading to get a nest in Istanbul and well. Istanbul is separated into two parts by the Marmara Sea. Almost half of the city is placed on the Asian Continent and the further half is on the European Continent. Two continents are linked to each other by two large bridges. One of them is known as Bosphorus Bridge and the other is Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. A further way to travel to Istanbul from one side to the other is to take the ferries which are actually enjoyable to travel with.

Bosphorus Bridge travel to Istanbul
Bosphorus Bridge

Economically Istanbul is really a strong city as it has a very high contact on the general Turkish economy. Istanbul is the city that is very wealthy in producing cotton, tobacco, silk, and various other products. Istanbul has also gained value economically because it hosts the entire seaports of Turkey and also global airports. Istanbul has some of the main industries of Turkey which comprise the Rubber manufacturing, metalware, chemicals, leather, automobile vehicle industries, glass, and several others. The city also generates profits from the tourism sector.

Before travel to Istanbul, you should know about the climate conditions of this splendid city. Turkey has very soft summers with a tall percentage of moisture but winters are very chilly, windy and snow is very frequently in the city throughout the cold season. Istanbul is a little hot and sticky in the months of May to September. The city has a damp percentage of about 79%. Winters begin from October and stay until April. The city frequently receives the rainwater and snow throughout the months of December, January, February, and March. The utmost temperature during summers can be up to 25 degrees while in summers generally at nights it can also reduce under the freezing point. If you have never been to visit Istanbul before and looking for a motive to see it, then you must make a plan to travel to Istanbul because there is more than one motive to see the beauty of Istanbul.


Istanbul is a charming and attractive city to visit. With its lots of historical and attractive landmarks, Istanbul has all the time been a preferred tourist destination all through the years. Most often, visitors are puzzled about which hotel to select out of hundreds of hotels where they can explore the beauty of Istanbul simply while planning travel to Istanbul. The key factors that visitors will gaze for in accommodation are sensible price, fine location, superior service, and of course attention to purity. From do research and hundreds of reviews from past guests, here are 5 exclusive hotels which have the best of the whole thing and they are Esans Hotel, White House Hotel Istanbul, Hotel Seraglio, Basileus Hotel, Osmanhan Hotel, you should keep these luxuries hotels in your mind while planning travel to Istanbul.

Turkey Mosque

Getting to know the traditions of Islam Muslim traditions is totally different than Christian customs and it is a strict one. In broad terms, it is exciting to know it but if you aim to learn it where people are essential about religion it may be hard and sometimes even risky. But in a nation like Turkey with a modest religious idea, it is pleasurable. The broad history of the city and the historical monuments, Istanbul is very old and exciting. As a result of this broad history, it has many historical remains that are precious and spread the beauty of Istanbul nicely.


Whether it is the customary culture or the comfortable recent lifestyle – you must see the sights of the whole thing that this place offers to you. You must plan on visiting the customary sights like the palaces, mosques, and churches to get familiar with the loaded culture and history beauty of Istanbul. The delicate Haman or the traditional Turkish bath is a thing that you should never ignore on experiencing. The kindness of Turkish people can be considered as a common motive to visit Turkey, not simply Istanbul. Turkish natives are very welcoming in common. Most of them can talk English but they usually have their own national language which is known as Turkish. It is simple to convene people in Istanbul and even if you travel to Istanbul single-handedly, you will never feel alone.


Tasting Turkish Food kitchen has lots of different tastes and at the same time as traveling around Turkey you can like all tastes in its place but luckily, in Istanbul, you can get all in one. When you travel to Istanbul especially for their food and the beauty of Istanbul, don’t worry because there are thousands of restaurants with all possible types of food and at a different price range. The Crazy Nightlife in Istanbul will surprise you completely. If you are young or if you are feeling young, Istanbul has a very active nightlife. The city has more than one axis and every axis has various different kinds of night actions. The trendiest area for a reasonable night is the Taxim region but there are several more things to do and places to go!

Hot air Baloons
Hot Air baloons

It is vastly recommended to take a city trip to Turkey to see the beauty of Istanbul if you do not want to remain in long queues. So, if you’ve booked your travel to Istanbul and one of the top hotels in Istanbul, Turkey’s cultural and financial heart, then it is a complete sin not to survey in-depth and drinks in the attractive history of this majestic old city. Keep in your mind to take a visit to these brilliant world-famous sites:

Hagia Sophia

If there is one place you should really visit on your tour to this antique city, it is the iconic Hagia Sophia. The Hagia Sophia started out as a stunning Christian church housing many holy ruins but was captured and changed by Ottoman Turks into a splendid mosque. It was then improved into a general museum in 1935, showcasing lots of works of art with both Muslim and Christian lines and now it shows the beauty of Istanbul. Museum hours are between 9:30 am 4:30 pm, so make sure you take this beauty into consideration when travel to Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is openly inspired by the Hagia Sophia but is itself a masterful job of fine art. More than 20,000 ceramic tiles in lively shades of blue garnish the center of the mosque. The most prominent bit of skill in the Blue Mosque is the mihrab enclosed within. Finely carved marble decoration, bounded by delicate windows, adds a layer of gravity to this splendid old mosque and to the beauty of Istanbul. The Blue Mosque itself is placed close to some of the top hotels in Istanbul and is simply reachable by foot or car. Remember this place also when travel to Istanbul with your friend or family.

Blue Mosque

Istanbul Modern Art Museum

If you want to discover more about recent Turkish art, you will absolutely want to give a visit to one of the city’s most outstanding museums. When you travel to Istanbul, the Istanbul Modern boasts a broad range of pieces from narrow Turkish artists, from photographs containing their personal narratives to sculptures that communicate the artistic impulses that were borne from the city’s wealthy past. The Istanbul Modern is easily placed close to some of the top hotels in Istanbul, making it reachable to everyone visiting the beauty of Istanbul.


The Grand Bazaar

While travel to Istanbul you will see ‘The Grand Bazaar’ which is one of the world’s oldest and prime covered markets, hosting further than 3,000 shops stretch over 61 covered streets. This is a grand place not just to shop for local souvenirs and delicacies but also to take breaths in much of the past behind the bazaar. While it is situated near many peak hotels and comes with fairly a few new trimmings, the history behind the roofs and walls of the Grand Bazaar which have the immortal beauty of Istanbul can still stroke people in lots of slight ways.

Istanbul Grand Bazaar beauty of Istanbul
Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Topkapi Palace

Without Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Tours will not be complete actually. No one should miss this place, as it is one of the most visited spaces between the visitors. The lush green courtyards here will surely make you extreme.

Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace

Archaeology Museums

Archaeology Museums holds a true secret beauty of Istanbul and brings a special side of this place. If you travel to Istanbul in the future then do not overlook to put in it to your list.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower is another one in this catalog to get amusement with vast feeling by seeing the panoramic outlook of Istanbul. Here, you can also flavor the most trendy drink and food in the beauty of Istanbul that will also make your trip a bit more unique and special.

Galata Tower
Galata Tower

So, what about you? It is possible to get filled with pleasure and make you mad to head this stunning place. Istanbul Tours for Tourists has constantly been magnetism and all these places also make it precious. Whether you travel to Istanbul with a friend or with your children, this tour is just going to turn out to be tremendous for you. And if you want to know more about this spectacular destination, you can check the basics of Turkey here… Have A Happy Journey.

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